Featured in Getintothis Deep Cuts #14

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Speaking about Tropical, this is what Getintothis had to say:

"There’s something about this track that draws you in and before you’re aware, has you drifting away on its ambient, meandering vibe.

Charity Shop Pop is the solo project of Ormskirk boy next door, David Hughes. Tropical is primarily an experimental, synthesised mix of electronic sounds, beats and lolloping vocals that appear to have been recorded the other side of a closed bathroom door, whilst made in the bath. But don’t let that put you off.

The song itself laments the time-honoured male blunder of pining for all those out-of-reach girls, when the right one for you was there all the time – and probably living next door!

Planning to release one track per month, this is Charity Shop Pop’s latest instalment. A thoroughly decent pop tune and well worth your attention."

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